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$95 Million Dollar sexual harassment verdict: A Message Sent

An Illinois awarded $95 million to a woman who said a manager sexually assaulted her at an Aaron Rents store in Fairview Heights, Ill.  The award includes $80 million in punitive damages, $13.5 million in compensatory damages and $1.5 million in further compensatory damage.  Under the recent punitive damages line of cases ruled on by the Supreme Court the award will probably be substantially reduced.
     The woman Plaintiff was an employee of Aaron Rents Inc. who claimed the store manager was inappropriately touching her and that she complained to corporate management who ignored her complaints.  The Manager got more bold and eventually, thinking he was empowered to do whatever he wanted because the Plaintiff was being ignored, sexually assaulted the woman.  Once the woman hired a lawyer and sued, 'out of the blue' Aaron's paid attention and proclaimed that the Manager's conduct was unknown and far outside the scope of his employment and that of the course the whole thing is the lawyer's fault for blowing the thing out of proportion ... and the jurors were stupid idiots for being angry at Aaron's ... and the verdict shows how the justice system is broken ~ whatever!    The corporate mentality is really unbelievable.  It is apparently the desire and goal to have us all stick our collective heads in the sand and believe whatever crap the US Chamber of Commerce wants to put out there, that organization that gets its whore money from the payday loan companies [now banking industry] that now control it ... or just maybe we actually have brains and can figure out that the jury in this case was angered by Aaron's arrogance and decided to send a message.  Yes the verdict is too much.  But by the same token, the arrogance of the corporate mentality that insists that a lawsuit be filed to seek justice,  must be examined.