Peachtree City & Newnan is a corridor of over 200,000 people. Prater & Associates has practice law between Newnan and Fayetteville for almost 23 years. In point of fact Mr. Prater was working in Peachtree City when he was sworn in as a lawyer in the Fayette County Bar by Judge Andrew Whalen in 1987. Call Prater & Associates today for an appointment: 770-253-7778 or click to our website and email us.

The Role of The Lawyer

Law, Witnesses, Documentary Evidence are the ingredients of every case.  The Attorney is responsible for knowing the Law.  The client for knowing the Witnesses and the Evidence.  Once these ingredients are accumulated
the Lawyer then becomes the Producer, Director and Creator of the product that will be presented to the Judge or Jury.  A simple analogy is that of baking a cake:  Ingredients coordinated incorrectly and baked at the wrong temperature will not yield a good result.  A recent case of alienation presented us with a mess:  Too many witnesses, too many documents; no episodic evident, just a myriad of anecdotes, insinuations, nasty but short comments; an attitude, however, that clearly presented created a mosaic of bad conduct that in turn was a clear picture of a campaign of parental alienation.  The problem presented was how to Produce the presentation to be effective and not the proverbial 'herding cats' debacle that would quickly turn into boring mush that would bring the Judge's instruction "I've heard enough of this now let's move on" which would in turn cast the remaining numerous anecdotes with insignificance and then immateriality.  It is the Attorneys job to correctly meld the witnesses and documents to present a clear and dynamic presentation to the Judge and, or, Jury.  That task is not easy and will not happen without significant reflective thought about how to do it effectively and clearly with the ultimate goal being to present the case with simple ringing truth without browbeating everyone in the Courtroom.  Experience and dedication at every turn is invaluable.